We focus solely on the unique IT needs of small/mid-size businesses and help clients achieve their business objectives by lowering costs and maximizing the performance of IT systems.

Our commitment to ITIL Standardization, extensive knowledgebase, automated systems, proven methodology, and preferred vendor relationships meet the IT planning, design, procurement, implementation, maintenance, and management requirements of both single- and multi-location businesses.

Outsourcing key business functions is not a new concept. Traditionally companies have looked beyond their own resources to cost effectively obtain expertise outside their primary line of business. Now, because of the increased dependence on technology, businesses see the importance of ongoing maintenance and strategic planning and are applying the concept of outsourcing to their technology infrastructure. By providing an ideal blend of services to meet the specific technology needs of each business, we can deliver an array of services such as ongoing network maintenance and support; remote management services; specialized hosting; strategic project planning and implementation; and on-call response services. Our service methodologies ensure results, reduced project time, and minimize business disruption.