While we pride ourselves in being an end-to-end IT solution provider, we know that being a jack of all trades means a master of none. Yes, we can make that website for you or run that cat6 cable. But that’s not really what we do. Our focus is on business productivity and the success of deploying technology to facilitate growth in all B2B sectors of our economy.

We’ve partnered up with other leaders in technology to provide you with that dream website you’ve always wanted and to get your infrastructure properly wired. Instead of building servers and computers that only lead to later chasing down replacement hardware, we’ve partnered with Dell and Lenovo to provide reliable and cost-effective hardware and warranties.

Knowing that the infrastructure was wired properly and that the computing hardware is of good quality allows us to focus on what’s truly important, which is being proactive. A big part of being proactive is staying on top of regular maintenance, security, disaster preparedness, virus issues and growth planning. All of which are included in our netMethods Care service agreements, giving our clients a full TCO package.

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Your Client Services Team

netMethods delivers services using a team approach. Your technology needs will not be tied to the limitations of a 'break/fix' IT person as often happens with small service providers. Instead as an netMethods client, you will find a team of technology experts working with you to deliver the best outsourced IT services and care the industry has to offer.


netMethods Care

netMethods Care (NMC) is our flagship service that includes proactive, ongoing hardware, software, network maintenance and support 24x7. To arrange for an assessment of your current IT environment or simply to get more information about how our services can benefit you, contact us now!


Assessment Services

Each netMethods Care relationship starts with a comprehensive network assessment. This service provides a detailed roadmap of the computing environment and outlines areas for improvement in the short- and long-term that can most profoundly improve the business as a whole.

The service cites

  • Opportunities for increased efficiencies and operational improvements
  • Network security weaknesses and recommended solutions

Stabilization Services

The beginning of the NMC engagement often requires some level of technology environment stabilization. Our stabilization services are designed to transition a client from a break/fix method of technology management to a predictable level of service and financial investment.

Stabilization services can run in parallel with on-site services and include:

  • Operating system upgrades
  • Updates to virus definitions
  • Application of service packs
  • Defragmentation of desktops and servers

On-site Services

On-site Services are designed to document, maintain, and optimize every client's IT infrastructure. The services are delivered on a regularly scheduled basis and range from virus detection and extraction to computer and network troubleshooting.

On-site Services include

  • Maintenance of systems and network documentation to record proper configuration
  • Hardware and software installation, configuration, and upgrades
  • Server,Desktop and laptop support
  • Data protection, back up, and recovery
  • Internet and email connectivity and configuration
  • Technology vendor coordination
  • Wireless and Wide Area Network expertise
  • Creation and maintenance of network guidebook

Project Planning and Implementation

There are a wide range of special technology needs and projects that fall outside the scope of standard ongoing maintenance and support. netMethods neutral approach to hardware and software and its negotiated discounts with key suppliers ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Projects may include

  • Planning and management of technology resources during facility moves
  • Strategic planning for business growth
  • Network and technology facility design
  • Disaster preparedness planning
  • Establishment of computer usage policies
  • Documentation of software license compliance
  • Asset inventory and management
  • New product evaluations


The netMethods Help Desk provides first level technical support, problem troubleshooting and issue escalation services during normal offices hours.

The HelpDesk services include

  • Immediate user support for desktop operating systems, office productivity applications, and basic connectivity issues
  • Technical experts, state-of-the-art problem resolution tools, and comprehensive documentation to facilitate user productivity

Remote Management Services

In addition to regularly scheduled On-site Services, netMethods provides Remote Management Services. While not a replacement for all on-site support, this service is a cost-effective method for managing critical network elements.

netMethods delivers three different remote services

  • Remote network monitoring allows netMethods to anticipate and quickly resolve network issues before they become major problems
  • Remote desktop support for mobile users, frequent travelers and remote office workers
  • Remote server support to speed issue resolution and reduce down time